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Terraria: Otherworlds To Go Open Source Given 100,000 Signed Petitions, Says Developer

Terraria was a game that shaped up childhood for many of us. The 2D sandbox game made titles filled with extraordinary graphics and visuals look mediocre with its beautiful development and design. The game not only gave the 2D sandbox genre a new hope but also proved that 2D can still be fun with its unique action-adventure playstyle.

The developer Relogic recently revealed that the work being done on the sequel was just not going through and that the project had been abandoned. Named “Terraria: Otherworlds” the game just never got to see the light of the day and fans were more than just saddened. He revealed that if fans were that invested in a sequel he’d willingly make the game open source if we were to manage 100,000 petitions.

While the game itself was left in the middle the developer just couldn’t complete it due to an uncountable number of problems faced. Having the whole game go open source would mean that the community’s modders and developers would all chip in to complete the game that was once dreamt by the developer.

Now arguably it won’t be the very same as Relogic himself completing the game however the amount of nostalgia and love for Terraria is immense. The goal to reach is a long way off and only about five thousand have signed the petition. I have and so should you even if you don’t plan on playing the game. All it takes is a minute and you might make someone’s day. Having been able to crowdsource the development could mean that enthusiasts would finally be able to play the sequel they only dreamed of.

The petition takes place here and any help to boost the signatures would most certainly be appreciated.

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