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The Last Of Us 2 Has “Gone Gold”, Says Naughty Dog Vice President In A Video Message

The Last of Us 2 is set to release later this summer and only a few weeks remain for arguably the most anticipated game of 2020. Neil Druckmann, Vice President took this time to make a special video message for fans to give his take on the whole Last of Us 2 leaking fiasco and basically an insight on what’s next.

First off Neil explained that the delay of the game from the original release date due to this pandemic not only allowed Naughty Dog to polish it even more but add such intense depth like never before in a video game produced by them. As for the leaked details about the game, he stated that the game is so much more than what seems and you’d have to play it to know.

Moreover, he thanked fans for having such patience and keeping up with Naughty Dog for all these years and finally only a few weeks set them apart from what is the most ambitious game by the award-winning team at Naughty Dog.

The fact that the game was teased for over 4 years definitely shows how long Naughty Dog has spent working on this game and the fact that they’ve been following this perfectionist slogan since the start has fans in awe. What seems to be the greatest game on the PS4 is on its way and discs have begun production, the PlayStation store has begun with the executables. The game itself is set to release on June 19th and with a little over a month between its release the hype cant be better.

In these times of distress the team at Naughty Dog has further polished the game and as stated by Neil himself the atmosphere, mechanics, layering and so much more of the game is just too good and too exciting. All we can do now is wait and wait we shall.

Ibtehaj Temuri

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