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The Walking Dead Series Back On GOG.COM, Open Up With A 25% Off Discount

The Walking Dead series based off of one the most creative comic book series that was widely accepted, won awards is back on GOG.com and with it comes a special discount offer for folks wanting to have a good time and those wanting to relive the classic action-adventure thriller.

Produced by Telltale games the series was immediately a success thanks to its beautiful storyline by Robert Kirkman and the intelligent low-stress gameplay style. Having to make your own choices and to be fully immersed in this zombie apocalypse adventure was something totally new and basically created a totally new genre of video games driven by storylines.

Unfortunately for fans and enthusiasts, Telltale studios shut down a couple of years ago and with it came a halt to all of their major works anticipated by fans. However last year they were picked up and were reportedly continuing work on their best-selling franchises. All is not lost however and GOG games are back with the complete series with discounts going 25% off and complete DRM-free experience.

Moreover, with similarly themed items going as far as 90% off there couldn’t have been a better time. With all the self-isolation causing people to run through their favourite content and games surely this is to add a brand new layer of excitement. The offer is to last till May 18th. With a flat 25% off this is definitely a bargain and to have a rollercoaster ride filled with emotions, drama and action there’s not much to ask for.

Fans who’ve loved the series get a chance to replay the adventure while newcomers get to experience the beauty Telltale produced.

Ibtehaj Temuri

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