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Ubisoft’s Cancelled Prince Of Persia Footage Surfaces Out Of Nowhere

Yep you heard that right, Prince of Persia was the epitome of third-person action-adventure games just a decade ago and Ubisoft was behind it all. Now the gameplay footage itself is about 8 years old of an unreleased Prince of Persia Redemption.

Just as crazy as it may seem yes the footage was leaked about 8 years ago but it took so long for it to get under the radar. The video itself shows a very Ubisoft-like third-person adventure title with parkour almost as if it was straight out of Assassin’s Creed. Now the significance of the released footage itself isn’t much but the fact that fans have been wanting a Prince of Persia sequel for so long definitely makes us wonder.

The leak did nothing but amuse enthusiasts and fans about what seemed to be the future of Ubisoft at the time and how they cancelled it out of nowhere. Where Assassin’s Creed was given the green light over and over again, Prince of Persia kept sinking deep down the webs. With how far we’ve come in technicalities it’s definitely not too late for a Prince of Persia game and with the level of nostalgia, it filled in our hearts and with the engaging storyline its definitely not too much to ask.

Ubisoft's Cancelled Prince Of Persia Footage Surfaces Out Of Nowhere 4

With Ubisoft’s Assassin’s Creed Valhalla on its way to gamers later this year we couldn’t help but compare the original Prince of Persia game to our modern RPG’s. The franchise revolutionized the modern-day perception of a third-person game with its engaging themes and very thought out storyline gamers were given a lucid experience through time.

Sounds pretty generic? well, Ubisoft’s formula for success was indeed brought to light by Prince of Persia and to this day is a subtle inspiration to every modern RPG out there. While we may not be completely sure whether Ubisoft has any plans for the franchise however there seems to be a high probability for them to reboot it and with a fresh modern take, we shouldn’t be expecting anything less than exciting for it.

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