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Yakuza: Like A Dragon Set To Release On Xbox Series X, Xbox & PC

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Yakuza: Like A Dragon a story-based RPG title set in modern Japan and focusses on an underworld story. The game was released only in the Asian region on the PlayStation 4. Developed by SEGA it was obvious that they’d target their primary audience with the new game.

Good news for enthusiasts especially for those interested in Anime and Japanese culture. SEGA today announced the Western release for Yakuza: Like A Dragon. Releasing day one on the Xbox Series X, Xbox and PC the game promises a very engaging and beautiful storyline based off of the underworld of a dying man in modern Japan.

Featuring Yakuza a lower end criminal betrayed by his very own left to rot. Players get to play the character and witness as he climbs up the ranks in the underworld Japan and achieves success in a modern-day world with a plot full of interesting catalysts moving the story forward and making it more and more engaging.

While the visuals of the game take a very artistic approach there’s not much to complain. Given the fact that the main plot of the game acts as the driving force taking it forward. With the power of Xbox Series X, we are sure to expect 4K resolutions and frame rates up to 120fps.

While the initiative from the developers is definitely far fetched considering the fact that there isn’t a huge audience outside the Asian region. Only recently we’ve seen more awareness spread across the West. With Japanese content reaching magnificent heights and achieving a lot we’re sure to see more and more from the region in the future.


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