Yet Another Legacy Nokia Phone Arrives, It’s The Nokia $24 125 and $29 150

Nokia has been in good hands ever since it has been operating under HMD Global. And while times haven’t been in their favor all the time, Nokia has certainly tried to keep its relevancy every now and then. As the trend for basic phones continues to steadily rise, Nokia continuously reminds everyone about how simple phones could be. And their latest release, the Nokia 150 simply builds upon that formula.

Their latest release, the Nokia 155, builds upon previous releases. With a new 2.4-inch display, longer battery life and that classy VGXA camera, Nokia continues to embrace its roots as we move deeper into 2020.

As usual, it comes with a headphone jack and Dual SIM support. However, what’s great and intriguing has to be its design revamp over last year’s model, breathing some fresh air into the series.

The Nokia 150 comes with a price tag of just US $29 in Red, Cyan, and Black, only and would be available in selected markets very soon.

However, that wasn’t the only launch from today as Nokia also unveiled the Nokia 125, another basic phone that shares a lot of the features with the Nokia 150. Both, the Nokia 125 and Nokia 150 can save up to 2000 contacts, and up to 500 SMS. And they also have the capability to expand their store even further with 32GB of expandable storage.

Regarding the price of the Nokia 125, the Nokia 125 comes with a price tag of just US $24. With the release to be expected in very selective markets across the globe.

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