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Crash Bandicoot 4 Set To Debut This Fall On The PS4

Crash Bandicoot being one of the most iconic titles on the original PlayStation is back with a direct sequel to the legendary trilogy that set the standards for modern-day gaming as we know it.

The all-new Crash Bandicoot 4 is a direct successor to the trilogy that spanned over 20 years and with it come to a few twists and turns making it all the more fun fit for your 2020. The saga continues directly from the third part where it’s up to Crash, Coco and friends to save the multiverse from the evil by travelling through time and space.

Crash Bandicoot 4 Set To Debut This Fall On The PS4 4

Moreover, there have been more than just a few redesigns fit for our modern-day graphics. With mesmerizing detailed environments, massive landscapes and beautiful lighting the classic arcade looks better than ever.

Activision announced that the game is set to release this October the 2nd with a launch offer of the new Tubular skins for Crash and Coco. Moreover, the studio has gone through a totally brand new combo mechanism with more powers, moves and general variety. With dozens of brand new levels mixed with the fan favourite combo of Bandicoot physics and mechanics, fans couldn’t have asked for more.

Crash holds a definite place in everyone’s heart and with it, preorders are now live with the game starting at $59.99 at the PSN store.

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