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Fortnite’s Next Virtual Concert Presented By Diplo To Take Place Tomorrow

Fortnite’s been on the verge of normalizing virtual events and concerts to the mass public. With world-famous artists like Diplo, Travis Scott and many more focussing more towards these virtual concerts, it seems that the hype keeps on building.

As more and more artists join in the bandwagon it is clear that the Fortnite concert idea is to transform into a whole separate platform. As of June 25th, 9 PM ET Diplo, Noah Cyrus and Young Thug are to make a live mainstage appearance in the game. Presented solely by Diplo it seems like there’s a lot more to these Fortnite events than meets the eye.

Fortnite's Next Virtual Concert Presented By Diplo To Take Place Tomorrow 4

As I’ve talked about countless times how these events play a key role not only during this pandemic but overall for folks unable to go out or visit their favourite artists. Moreover, the online platform also targets a much wider audience hence keeping up with modern-day standards and statistics.

All this allows Fortnite to stay somewhat on the top of the relevancy mountain even after all these years. Constant content and updates added by Epic Games keep Fortnite fresh for players and with occasional events like this one help gain the attention of non-gamers as well. Previously Nintendo talked about how it’s sole business opportunity is to target non-gamers into playing their games. It seems that Fortnite has a somewhat similar strategy with mainstream artists joining their platform.

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