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CD Projekt Red Confirms Free Day One Cyberpunk Upgrade For The PS5

Lately, there has been a lot of chaos in the gaming community regarding the move to delay cyberpunk 2077 further by two whole months. While nobody likes to wait for their favourite most anticipated title however the reasons provided by the studio were valid as well.

Nobody likes a broken game at launch and that always leaves a sour taste in everyone’s mouth. However, among all this negativity CD Projekt Red has come forward with a surprisingly good offer for the PlayStation 5. The studio confirmed that those who purchased the game on the PS4 would be able to play the game on the PS5 with a day one patch.

Moreover, they stated that the patch won’t be the last update to the game and while the immediate playability is nothing short of amazing the studio plans on doing a complete remaster on next-generation consoles scheduled for around 2021-2022. What’s surprising is that the original owners of the game would be able to play and enjoy the game on next-gen consoles completely free.

While the day one playability is only yet confirmed for the Playstation we might as well expect the same for the Xbox One. While the remaster is pretty much confirmed and the same rules apply for the Xbox Series X.

All of that would definitely motivate fans to continue their undying support for the studio and hopefully make up for all the lost hope.

Ibtehaj Temuri

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