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PlayStation’s Bug Bounty Program Goes Public In Collaboration With HackerOne

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The bug bounty program has been around for quite some time over on other platforms and products. The basic concept allows hackers from all over the globe to exploit the products in various degrees and is then rewarded accordingly.

Sony has had its fair share of failures when it comes to its PlayStation Network and the PlayStation itself. Today PlayStation announced that it’ll be going live with its bug bounty program. Previously operating under the shadows to select hackers and programmers the program aims to target a wider audience, gamers included.

Where they’ll be rewarded accordingly to exploit issues with the PS4 itself or the PS Network. Rewards for critical exploits go as far as $50,000. Taking the overall PlayStation experience into consideration it is no wonder that Sony would go to extreme lengths to further simplify the experience.

Partnered with HackerOne this wide program is to target hackers, programmers and gamers alike. With one sole purpose of improving the gaming experience on the PlayStation. Previously only being run privately it seems that Sony has gotten serious about its exploits.

The most recent one being the spoiler leak of The Last of Us Part 2 is definitely a learning experience for the brand and it seems that they plan on taking steps towards the right direction to avoid such catastrophic results. Damaging not only its reputation but the player base’s expectations.


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