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Sony Reveals Two PlayStation 5 Consoles, Pushing Towards A Digital Future

After months of hype, Sony finally revealed the PlayStation 5 to the masses today.

Unlike previous installations, the PlayStation 5 comes with radical design changes, and would also come in two variants, the normal PlayStation 5 that we all expected, as well as the PlayStation 5 Digital Edition, showcasing Sony’s push towards a digital future.

While Sony is certainly introducing some major upgrades to the PlayStation 5’s internals, it does highlight what Sony has in store moving forward. The new radical design of the PlayStation 5 features a curvy design throughout, moving away from its classic razor like design cues from 2013 and even the much lighter PlayStation 4 designs.

Alongside the release of the PlayStation 5 consoles, Sony also revealed a host of new accessories that would be inheriting the PlayStation naming scheme that would go along incredibly well with the PlayStation 5. The new accessories include a new PlayStation headset, dubbed the Pulse 3D, Dualsense controllers, media remote and even a docking station for the new PlayStation 5 controllers. If that wasn’t enough, Sony’s also releasing an HD camera alongside the PlayStation 5.

If you’re not a fan of the white color scheme that Sony has ongoing this year, Sony has two more consoles to reveal, dubbed the PlayStation 5 Miles Morales Edition as well as the PlayStation 5 Black Edition.

Sony’s yet to release any release dates for the PlayStation 5, but has everyone’s sights set for the holiday season. There’s still much more to come, and as time progresses and time heat from Microsoft begins building up, it would be interesting to see if Sony reveals a few more tricks that it may be hiding under it’s sleeve.

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