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This PlayStation 5 Concept UI Looks Amazing!

As we move deeper into 2020, anticipation for the upcoming consoles from both, Sony and Microsoft, the Playstation 5 and Xbox Series X are ramping up.

Alongside some incredible hardware improvements to Sony’s new feature-rich console, we should also expect some major improvements upcoming to the PlayStation 5. A concept published by, Joshua Oluwagbemiga, would take anyone aback given how clean of a design the concept brings to life.

The new UI blends in some modern minimalist boxy designs along with some curvy designs across the board. From the boxy login screen to the curvy, yet minimalist fonts scattered across the display, its amazing. Given how over the past few years dark UI design has taken over pretty much everything you could think of, its only suffice to predict that Sony might be baking some dark themes into the PS5 as well.

Sony’s PS4 interface has received consistent updates over the past few years. However, its about time the new console gets a fresh look, keeping up with modern UI design.

As we move deeper into 2020, I personally can’t be more excited to see what Sony has in store for the PlayStation 5, especially given how the PlayStation 5 would support 120Hz refresh rates out of the box, meaning that all of these animations would look crazy smooth when paired with a high-refresh rate display.

Usman Abdul Jabbar

21, Tech Enthusiast, Founder/Managing Editor at GeeksULTD and a stduent at the Holberton School. Passionate about UI Design and competitive Counter-Strike Global Offensive gaming. To contact me, follow me, or even constructively criticize me, contact me however you feel is right!
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