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Witcher 3 Goes Free On GOG Store- Redeemable For Owners With The Game On Other Platforms

Witcher 3’s been an excellent RPG of this past generation. The game’s beautiful visuals, mesmerizing gameplay and engaging storyline all played a key role in bringing success to CD Projekt Red’s most ambitious title at the time.

With the post-Netflix influx of players trying out the Witcher 3, there’s indeed some good news for enthusiasts. A promotional offer provided by CD Projekt Red’s GOG games department allows the player to redeem the GOG version of the game for FREE. Given that they already own a copy on Console or PC. This goes for both the standard and GOTY editions. However, folks who’ve purchased add-ons separately won’t be able to redeem them.

Moreover, since no true integration exists between Nintendo Switch users hence folks on the Switch won’t be able to join in on the offer. The offer itself is to last for a limited 7 day period until June 23rd, 11 am UTC. Enthusiasts who already own the GOG version of the game can still take advantage of the offer by claiming a free redeemable code for their fellow friends depending on the version they own.

With the relevancy of the Witcher Lore gaining more and more traction over time this offer’s a great way for CD Projekt Red to rake them in towards their platform. The offer itself is only to last a few days so go on and redeem yourself a free copy and add it to your library.

Ibtehaj Temuri

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