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Crysis Trilogy Now Available On The Xbox One Through EA Access

The Crysis trilogy known undoubtedly for its brilliant graphics, gameplay and story has been one of the stepping stones for modern game development. Apart from impressive innovations at the time the trilogy truly brought in a more immersive gaming experience to previous platforms.

Lucky for Xbox One users, folks wanting to try out the trilogy or even play it again can now actually do so through EA Access. The original trilogy itself was never released for the current generation consoles yet the EA Access subscription allows gamers to enjoy the game taking advantage of the backwards compatibility mode.

Crysis Trilogy Now Available On The Xbox One Through EA Access 4

Yes, I know it sounds a little confusing when we mention EA Access and backwards compatibility. Actually the EA Access version runs the same exact version of the Xbox 360 offering similar visuals with perhaps improved consistent framerates. However, this still counts as a win-win situation for enthusiasts.

The Crysis trilogy is something that is enjoyable regardless of what time one’s playing it and considering the actually pandemic crisis having a whole new set of games is something we wouldn’t mind. With the remastered Crysis title on its way, this is certainly a way to improve the popularity.

Moreover the deal seems to only exist for the Xbox with no real confirmation about the PS4.

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