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Death Stranding Officially Launches On Steam – Hideo Kojima Hosts Celebratory Live Interview

Death Stranding is unarguably one of the most talked-about games in recent times. Developed with the help of the legendary Hideo Kojima, the title intended first for an exclusive PS4 look was later on decided to make its way to the PC side of things. More importantly its unique ideals, visuals and gameplay made it intriguing to many enthusiasts.

Today marks the day for its Steam release and the game itself being quite popular attracted countless enthusiasts waiting for it. Steam has recently been drawing in a lot of the ported exclusives like Detroit: Become Human, Horizon: Zero Dawn and now Death Stranding.

Taking advantage of the situation the dev team in order to promote both the game and the steam streaming platform hosted a live interview with developer Hideo Kojima himself. Being one of the most influential devs in modern times it is truly spectacular to be able to live at the same time as he does.

Displaying his unique ideas to the world, Death Stranding is just one more gear in the works. Set up in a broken-up world where the remnants of the future lay bare, scattered around the aftermath. The protagonist must do all in his might to gather around everything piece by piece. Almost poetic in a way, the game supports higher resolutions now with up to 4k support with uncapped framerates offering a complete PC experience.

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