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Epic Games Secure $250 Investment From Sony To “Broaden” Their Already Close Relationship

Sony and Epic Games have been working together for quite some time now. The most recent Unreal Engine 5 demo running on the PS5 was a definite proof of what the two companies have been doing behind the scenes. In a report by Venturebeat, Sony recently invested $250 million in Epic games for a minority stake in the company.

Sony seemingly enough has taken quite a different approach with the PS5 than they did with the release of PS4. They’ve quite intelligently held back key details about their console for later reveals and while this minority stake may not seem much. The companies have started to work towards a collective goal of improving technology.

Being the maker of Fortnite, the highest-rated game in the world right now. This definitely puts Sony at an advantage over other platforms. Given the deal, they could focus more on exclusive content brought in especially for the PlayStation.

Similarly, this could also mean that the folks over at Sony would be working closely with the creators of Unreal Engine 5. Undoubtedly being the next widely used game engine its nothing but a clear advantage for Sony and a definite power move to strike a deal at this time.

Epic Games as a whole has been striking constant deals with its partners, claiming to raise over $1.58 billion over the previous three funding rounds.

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