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Far Cry 6 – Another Trailer Leaks Out Well Off Before The Ubisoft Forward Event

Far Cry 6 seems to be on the verge of announcement yet it’s being targetted by tipsters and leakers the most. Just recently we discovered the game poster, a short teaser clip and the supposed release date of the game. This time around however we’ve got our hands on a 3-minute trailer fixated on the basic storyline of the game.

Featuring the ever so popular Giancarlo Esposito from Breaking Bad and The Mandalorian, the story resonates with him starting off handing his son, Diego a hand grenade and taking the pinout and then moves on explaining the dire situation of their people.

While I myself wouldn’t want to spoil the first look experience, hence it’d be better for folks to see it for themselves. The leaked clip was revoked from multiple sites but finally stuck around on Reddit. Overall the game’s setting looks truly unique true to what Far Cry series has always stood for.

Moreover having such a dark tale is something not many expected yet as we move towards the next generation it is only natural for us to follow more realistic storylines and experiences as a whole. While the real announcement is yet to come we’ve learnt quite a lot about the upcoming Far Cry.

Ibtehaj Temuri

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