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Ghost Of Tsushima Drops On The PS4 – Sucker Punch Co-Founder Talks Behind The Scenes Of Production

Being one of the two ends of the generation exclusives, Ghost of Tsushima raised many eyebrows on its first-ever reveal. Being compared with Naughty Dog’s Last of Us Part 2, the game released just a little under a month after it. Produced by none other than Sucker Punch, home to the amazing Infamous franchise, the game’s setting takes quite a bit of a turn compared to the sci-fi genre the studio’s known for. Absorbing the beautiful nature 700 years in the past and bringing quality melee combat mechanics.

Marking the release of the game on PS4, the co-founder of Sucker Punch had a few words to say about the game and all that was done behind the scenes. First off as mentioned countless times, the Studio aimed at bringing something close to reality and history. Moving away from the busy life in Seattle filled with countless sci-fi elements of creativity.

According to Brian, the studio had a tough time figuring out how to present the whole atmosphere of the Samurai era. In a world with no sort of technology, set in ancient Japan the laid down basics had to be perfect and that came with its own set of hurdles.

Furthermore, as he suggests, the studio had to start off from scratch since everything they had done up until now couldnt is reused except the special effects engine. Nevertheless, fixating their goal in bringing a classic Samurai game propelled them to their end product after over six years of development.

With the game out, the general feedback is mostly positive however the verdict by fans has yet to pass.

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