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Hawkeye Revealed In Latest Trailer For Marvel’s Avengers – Beta Begins August 7th

Marvel’s Avengers has been one of the successors to Marvel’s entry into the gaming industry. Having a well-received Spider-Man game, folks over at Marvel took the initiative and began development for Marvel’s Avengers and so far all the trailers and details have been enticing, to say the least.

The latest trailer revealed Hawkeye, being part of the original Avengers, it seems that its absence before was planned to perfection. Not only does it cause hype but explains to enthusiasts in a subtle way that the game is supposed to be story-oriented and that we could expect a wonderous storyline fit to rival even Marvel movies.

The story content out there for Marvel characters is immense but to sum it up in a movie or rather a game is something not everyone’s been able to do. At least not properly. However, as technology moves forward we’ve seen things closer to perfection more often than not.

As for the Beta program of the game, folks pre-ordering the game would be able to join the beta on loadable on August 6th while going live for the weekend. For the next weekend, the beta would be open for the entire PS4 community and the week after that as well.

The game is set to release this September 4th while a remaster port might be added for the PS5 on day one similar to how most of Sony’s titles been doing lately.

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