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Horizon Zero Dawn PC Release Set – Would Make Its Way This August 7th On Steam & Epic Store

Horizon Zero Dawn is one of the tier one exclusives released on the PS4, the title was immediately a centre of attraction on the PS4 and was well received by the masses. Having a compelling storyline set in the old times with modern robotics proved to be an amazing combination.

However, the game was earlier announced to debut on the PC platform. While Sony has been going quite differently about its gameplan recently from the orthodox Sony we know things are looking bright for PC users. Horizon Zero Dawn: Complete Edition is set to make its way on Steam and Epic Games Store this August 7th with fine-tuned features fit for the master race.

We’ve seen how Detroit: Become Human was pretty well received on the PC platform now it seems that Horizon Zero Dawn is on its way as well. With unlocked framerates, better foliage, dynamic range and proper settings the game seems to check all the boxes when it comes to the fundamental PC experience.

Yet it’ll still be very intriguing to see how the game holds up compared to the PS4 and especially the optimization on PCs. The newest feature trailer also showcases a benchmark tool built in the game which definitely shows that Sony is, in fact, serious about its ports to other platforms and with a sequel to the game confirmed on the PS5 would we be able to see it ported over on PC is the question that remains.

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