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Major Ubisoft Executives Depart In An Attempt To “Improve” Workplace Culture

Major Ubisoft executives including Yannis Mallat, head at Ubisoft Canada and Cecile Cornet, head at HR are confirmed to be leaving Ubisoft as reported by Jason Schreier.

The top end of the chain of command has seemingly crumbled to nothingness as we speak. Folks responsible for playing major roles in the company have ended up leaving. Ubisoft is clearly on a house cleaning streak and while the actual reasons are yet unknown it definitely has to do with their most recent policies.

While Yannis Mallat is stepping down due to multiple allegations by employees confirming safe practice in the workplace moreover the head of HR has voluntarily stepped down stating that the decision is in the best interests of the company.

Ubisoft as a whole has been thought of as a shipwreck with their development, announcements and events especially recently with countless leaks prior to their Ubisoft Forward event. While no one is to blame for the smooth sail of operations it is clear that Ubisoft is making reassessments in a rather strict fashion.

Furthermore, according to a report by Shannon Liao, the company is in its final stages to hire professional management consultants to reshape their HR outlook and policies for the betterment of operations. Things have undoubtedly been rough for the french studio yet it isn’t something unfixable hence a change is something that even us as consumers have wished for long.

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