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Microsoft Flight Simulator’s Pre-Order Launch Trailer Drops Today – Available This August 18th

Microsoft Flight Simulator is all praises ever since its first look at E3. The absolute scale of what Microsoft is pursuing especially for flight simulators is staggering. Not only by our modern technological standards but by our understanding of virtual reality as well.

Today marks the day announcing the final release of the title. Xbox revealed a final trailer focussing towards pre-orders relaying that the game is set to make an absolute launch this August 18th. Starting from $60 for the base version going all the way up to the deluxe edition for $90 that includes additional detailed aircraft and handcrafted airports.

The whole project has caught the eye of many aviation enthusiasts moreover the game puts previous flight simulators to shame just by its raw graphics. Featuring over 2 million cities, dynamic weather, terrain and so much more, it has raised the eyebrows of basically everyone linked with gaming.

Moreover, the whole selling point of the simulator is its similarity to real life. Not only do we get realistic audio and graphics out of this game but the exact weather, wind speed, temperature and everything in between is relayed in accordance with real-time with perfection.

Available on Windows 10 as well as the Xbox Game Pass for PC, the game is available to pre-order here. The only visible tradeoff is the game size that is inevitably going beyond 150 GB considering the number of textures and details being brought in.

Ibtehaj Temuri

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