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Naughty Dog Comes Forward In Response To Recent Backlash On Its Employees

Naughty Dog being one of the top first party PlayStation exclusive studios were criticized solely on the fact that their latest game had a “questionable” storyline. The Last of Us Part 2 being one of the highest selling games on the PS4 was released just last month.

While holding the title for being the most anticipated exclusive title on the PS4, the studio did not hold back at all. Naughty Dog went all out with details, layering, models and much more making it unarguably the biggest project they’ve worked on. While this all may be true certain fans thought of it otherwise.

So much so that countless fans started to spam the actors and team behind the game with personal attacks that are undoubtedly way across the line. In a Tweet by the official Naughty Dog account, the studio cleared all the haze by stating that all those hate comments were in fact intolerable.

While the studio itself looks forward to any sort of constructive feedback going all out on the team behind the game is something unacceptable both ethically and legally. While the game itself scored brilliantly it is nothing but a shame how toxic the gaming community can get. It seems as if no one is safe and that is utterly saddening not only for gamers but for the whole community.

Ibtehaj Temuri

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