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NewZealand’s Biggest News Network “Stuff” Quits Facebook Following PlayStation, Xbox & More

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Ibtehaj Temuri
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Facebook’s latest response to not changing its policies regarding hate speech has brought about a stir in the media industry. With major companies ready to completely boycott any sort of affiliation with Facebook things don’t seem to change much.

PlayStation and Xbox both boycotting the site with both paid and unpaid activity seemed only logical but now we’re seeing the largest news site in NZ to completely stop operations on Facebook until further notice. The news outlet Stuff has launched ‘in the context of the international Boycott Facebook movement’, according to a memo leaked to folks over at The Spinoff.

While Mark Zuckerburg holds his ground various giants like Coca Cola, Starbucks and many more have completely stopped operations on anything tied with Facebook. That includes Instagram as well. While Facebook depends solely on advertisements having cut off from so many huge deals is definitely a hit yet Mark Zuckerburg thinks otherwise.

According to him, the advertisers would come crawling back soon enough and that this isn’t a financial hurdle for Facebook rather a partner or a reputational issue. It is true to the extent that holding off such advertisements won’t last forever and that a company as huge as Facebook isn’t really affected so much so as we may thing. However, this really begs the question if morals are no longer part of our modern society.

In a situation like this, it should be us who raise our voices and bring down large corporations. All we can do right now is focus solely on Facebook to change its policies and to offer a more secure and humble environment for everyone.


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