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Nintendo Direct Mini Debuts Tomorrow – A Series Showcasing Development & Updates On Previously Announced Titles

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This year has taken a toll on the gaming industry for sure. Causing every major event and showcase to just end up stranded or delayed indefinitely, this is probably the only time in history to do so. However constant strides have been made in order to shift everything online and move towards a more digital approach.

Today, Nintendo America’s Twitter revealed the commencement of their Nintendo Direct Mini segment featuring development and publishing studios along with a few updates on their already announced projects. The event is set to bring a breath of fresh air to the Switch platform with fans hoping for countless remakes and remasters of their beloved classics.

Recently, the popularity exploded for the Switch making it one of the top 3 best selling Nintendo consoles. Now aiming for the 2nd spot, sales don’t seem to slow down in any case. The pandemic clearly affected the gaming space yet the recovery by Nintendo is truly exceptional.

Moreover, with a real concrete announcement on its way after months of silence, fans are hoping to see brand new remakes of classics like Zelda, Smash Bros, Sonic, Pokemon and so many more. While there’s not much to go on about in terms of raw details, having Nintendo go for an all-out announcement is clearly a positive sign.

The announcement video is expected to launch at around 7 am Pacific Time where there’ll be all sorts of updates regarding the Nintendo Switch.


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