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Sony Introduces PlayStation Indies, A New Initiative With 9 Titles To Debut

The folks over at PlayStation have been giving keen importance to the whole indie scenario. It almost seems as if the indie development scene has grown by quite a bit especially on the PS4.

With this in mind, PlayStation has announced a supportive platform for Indies on their consoles. PlayStation Indies aims to bring indie titles developed for the PlayStation under a much-deserved spotlight and to showcase that they actually care about small creative studios.

With recent VR support on Dreams and the free fair usage policy of Unreal Engine, it is most likely the best time to be an indie game developer. Moreover, the genre appeals to a much wider audience targeting non-gamers and hardcore gamers alike.

Moreover, they’ve announced an instant library of 9 indie titles making their way on both the PS4 and PS5. While Sony’s always had a great indie library it seems as if the initiative is to encourage developers rather than players yet the benefits are truly mutual.

As a cherry on top, PlayStation Now service would now have an indie title added to its library every month for those streaming on their PC’s or consoles starting with Hello Neighbor in July. While this is all the information concluded in the reveal, stay tuned for more reveals and insight here.

Ibtehaj Temuri

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