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Summer Game Fest Demo Set To Showcase Unreleased Xbox Titles This July 21

Thanks to the unexpected outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic almost all gaming related events and expos were immediately cancelled or delayed. With barely any events taking place this year it is certainly slow and painful for enthusiasts enjoying events like E3, PAX and many more.

Summer Game Fest Demo Set To Showcase Unreleased Xbox Titles This July 21 4

While it may not be a direct substitute for these events however folks over at Summer Game Fest have brought about a valiant attempt to revive the gaming scene with a virtual event fit for everyone to tune in through a live stream. This time around is the anticipated showcase of Xbox titles set to make their way in the near future.

The Summer Game Fest Demo is to begin on July 21st with demos of over 60 unreleased titles on the Xbox. Yes, over 60 games that are to make their way on the Xbox. However, these demos aren’t about the final product or anything of that sort but showcase the early stages of many ambitious projects.

With such a frequency of games showcased devs are keen on the feedback of enthusiasts and gamers and eagerly wait for their response. These demos are to stay on the Xbox dashboard for a week, therefore, giving enough time for folks to fixate an opinion about what they’re shown.

With a few games revealed don’t forget to tune in here for further updates about the program and the titles.

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