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Nintendo Switch Becomes The 3rd Best Selling Nintendo Console – Over 55 Million Units Sold

Nintendo Switch is the ongoing current generation console by Nintendo has proved to be an instant hit. Clearing out many of its predecessors, the Switch was something designed to be something easily approachable for both gamers and non-gamers.

As per a report released by Nintendo, the Switch has effectively crossed the Super Nintendo in terms of sales, selling over 55.77 million units. Effectively reaching the top 3 spots for the best selling Nintendo consoles of all times. As discussed countless times and portrayed through their actions, the gameplan focussing on a wider audience is something that has proved effective for the Japanese brand.

Nintendo Switch Becomes The 3rd Best Selling Nintendo Console - Over 55 Million Units Sold 4

Introducing impressive and immersive indie titles on a console that may very well not stand up too well with the gaming giants like Xbox and PlayStation still allowed for the smooth sail of operations for Nintendo targeting a totally different market.

The recent pandemic forcing many people to stay home and practice social distancing also played a key role in boosting sales for Nintendo. With more and more Switch consoles being sold in times of distress it was certainly clear that the carefree outlook of the console played a key role.

While it is definitely not the end of the generation yet, with more and more new exclusive titles planned for the Nintendo Switch it may very well try and topple the NES in terms of sales for once.

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