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Ubisoft Confirms Standard $60 MSRP Games For Next-Gen Consoles?

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Taha Tariq
Taha Tariq
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Ubisoft has announced that their Next-Gen games launching this fall will be $60, the same as Current-Gen consoles. Games have been costing $60 for both Current-Gen consoles but that may not be the case going forward. Take-Two, however, has announced that its Next-Gen game NBA 2K21 will be costing $70 on both the PS5 and Xbox Series X. It is possible that games built only for Next-Gen consoles will cost $70, but Cross-Gen games remain at $60 which would make sense and explain the price difference for games from two different companies.

With the Next-Gen consoles on their way to consumers this winter, everyone has a lot of questions on their minds on various details and aspects of the Next-Gen experience. One of them is the pricing of both the Next-Gen consoles and their games which can make or break a gaming console’s sale numbers.

While there has yet to be an official announcement on the pricing of the PS5 and Xbox Series X, we expect it not to be too far off from Current-Gen consoles which were $399 for the PS4 and $499 for the Xbox. We do have some information regarding the pricing of Next-Gen games.

Microsoft has also hinted at dropping Xbox Live which is good news for gamers since they don’t have to pay an additional fee to play their games online. This wouldn’t be good for Microsoft however as a good chunk of their profit from Current-Gen consoles came from Xbox Live subscriptions. To compensate for this they may have to raise the base console prices for Next-Gen or raise Next-Gen game prices, which we already have seen game publisher Take-Two confirm for their Next-Gen game NBA 2k21.

Overall I think this would be a good move to drop subscriptions like PS Plus and Xbox Live in favor of a $10 price increase for the base game. This would make it a better overall experience and users should not have to pay a subscription fee to play a game online that they already paid for. How this will treat the pricing of the base Next-Gen consoles is yet unknown, but it should not be that much of an increase over Current-Gen consoles launch price.


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