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Valorant Gets Its First $100 Premium Grade Skin Set – Dubbed Elderflame, Releasing July 10th

Valorant has swiftly paved its way into the modern esports arena competing directly with titles like CS: GO, Rainbow Six: Siege, Overwatch and more. The game has a unique gameplay style very close to what we have had in CS with a touch of MOBA features.

As of today folks over at Riot Games have announced a first ever Ultra skin set for the game which is dubbed the Elderflame and is to cost around $100. Making its way to folks this July 10th we’ll be seeing much more of what the new skin brings. While skin prices have been calculated in Valorant points and other in-game currencies the actual worth translates to roughly around $100.

While the game is truly something to be reckoned with it has in fact compared itself directly to our trusty CS: GO. While they’ve been sworn as rivals by the fans it has truly sparked a competition between the two that further pushes innovation to new extremes.

What’s interesting is the skins is sort of dynamic and focusses more towards its animations and finishers and all sorts of funky stuff. Moreover once purchased players also get the chance to upgrade certain aspects of the Elder flame with their hard-earned currency.

The whole skin system is something CS: GO embraced and made worthwhile and Valorant just seems to follow the same footsteps rather adding more complications it seems. The game’s whole initiative is truly impressive yet this form of microtransaction is questionable at best.

Ibtehaj Temuri

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