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Valorant & The Last of Us Part 2 Push Digital Game Sales For June

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Ibtehaj Temuri
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The Last of Us Part 2 proved to lead the sales for Sony in its launch month despite being heavily criticized by fans and enthusiasts. As reported by SuperData, the digital sales of the game saw a massive leap as well as beating all previous records. Selling over 2.2M copies worldwide with the majority coming in from pre-orders.

Similarly, on PC, Valorant was launched as a free to play e-sports title fit to compete with the likes of Rainbow Six: Siege, CS: GO and more. While the game has had its fair share of issues, the free to play appeal never really died down allowing it to climb up the ranks beating Apex Legends and CS: GO both on PC.

Going digital with every major task has to be one of the inevitable changes in innovation brought on by tech giants. Tested to their true potential just this year thanks to the global pandemic crisis, the whole platform was benchmarked to its extreme.

We’ve been striving towards a completely digital future for quite some time now, working out digital events, studies, office work and of course video games. With the announcement of the PS5, the whole matter took a leap with Sony offering a completely digital PS5. With internet speeds getting better and better worldwide it is only natural for companies to focus more on digital releases.

The PS5 digital edition would definitely break the ice and give concrete proof as to where we stand in terms of digitalization of videogames.


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