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Microsoft CEO Claims Record-Breaking Growth For Xbox Gamepass On Xbox & PC

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Ibtehaj Temuri
Ibtehaj Temuri
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Satya Nadella quoted by Tom Warren’s Tweet reportedly stated that it was a breakthrough quarter for gaming and that the Xbox Gamepass saw immense record-breaking growth across console and PC. While no concrete figures were provided, it is more than evident that the success of the game pass has resonated amongst the masses.

Similar to the ever so popular battle pass system getting rid of all the micro-transactions in videogames, Microsoft opted for a similar approach to their online experience. Merging both the Xbox and PC in on their new initiative, the game pass provided a bunch of goodies alongside a wide variety of games available for a standard fee.

Considering how the online activity on consoles panned out over these past years something is definitely changing and changing for good. For instance, rumours go on in circulation claiming that Xbox Live might as well be disbanded. Recent reports suggested that the one year package was removed as well from the store.

The PC platform ever since the dawn of gaming has had the multiplayer advantage and part of it was the free subscription less experience with no hidden or extra charges. It seems that Xbox plans on making this true for their Xbox line up as well. This puts the competition, mainly Sony’s PlayStation in question whether or not it’ll be able to compete.

Seeing the success of the game pass things can pan out either way however this in turn immensely improves the gaming experience for the consumer.


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