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Apple Likely To Introduce First Party Cloud Gaming Service, Newly Filed Patent Suggests

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Ibtehaj Temuri
Ibtehaj Temuri
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Cloud Gaming is indeed the future of modern-day gaming. Needing no real obligation to own beefy hardware yet being able to enjoy full-fledged video games at a moment’s notice any time, any place is certainly the way forward and Apple definitely seems to agree.

Apple’s latest filed patent in Europe suggests Apple making moves towards the 5G sector to introduce a first-party cloud gaming service. Apple from the very start has been all about first-party content and alternatives. The company holds massive pride in its own creations and provides quality alternatives for users locking them deeper into its ecosystem.

Source: Patently Apple

As cloud gaming reaches its usable stages driven by the likes of Google and Microsoft, Apple is sure to intervene making way for its very own private sector and prioritizing it over its devices. However, a recent dispute between the company and Epic Games regarding their cut from the App Store has made various rumours go around. Most prominent of which claim that Apple would take its development tools away from Epic Games and restrict the use of Unreal Engine.

Considering these drastic measures, we can’t be completely sure whether Apple intends to go all out like Microsoft’s aggressive approach with the Game Pass or if it intends to take the subtle road down inviting various different studios to feature their games on its platform.


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