Backend firms start shipments for the PlayStation 5 – Sony getting ready for Holiday 2020

The PlayStation 5 is set to release in Holiday 2020. We have not received much information since the consoles unveil and Sony has confirmed that we won’t get to hear or see any major news regarding the PlayStation 5 on the upcoming State of Play on 6th August. However, backend suppliers seem to have begun getting the internals of the PlayStation 5 shipped to Sony’s factories, a report by the DigiTimes alleges.

Sony revealed their next-generation console, the PlayStation 5, earlier this year. A lot of information was given regarding the console itself., many games were also revealed alongside the consoles unveil. However, Sony hasn’t revealed any information regarding the pricing or release date of their upcoming console

Backend providers ASE Technology and Greek Electronics have started completing their shipments, allowing Sony to stay on track with the manufacturing deadlines as the holiday season nears. Microsoft has no news regarding the Xbox Series X which could mean that Sony is ahead of Microsoft in the manufacturing process, we may actually get to see the PlayStation 5 be released a tiny bit earlier than Microsoft. However, this could also point towards Microsoft being secretive about their manufacturing process.

Taha Tariq

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