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Detroit: Become Human Sales Cross Over 5 Million Units Sold Following Steam Release

Detroit: Become Human, being one of the most talked-about games of its time of release made its way on the PS4 a while back. Initially meant to be an exclusive title solely on the PS4, the game recently made its way on the PC platform and more specifically on Steam.

Things have been going quite well for the French development studio with them confirming the fact that over 5 million units were sold across all platforms. Debuting on Steam definitely impacted the sales of the game.

Having a launch bundle with titles like Heavy Rain and Beyond: Two Souls, the attractiveness of the deal made it inevitable for crushing numbers. Moreover, the fact that the game was so well received on the PS4, the PC port of the game raised eyebrows for many as well.

Furthermore having such a unique concept of futuristic androids, streamers from all across Twitch ended up on the hype train trying out and enjoying the game. The studio released Detroit: Community Play, allowing for streamers to make decisions in real-time further increasing the appeal.

In February, Quantic Dream went completely independent meaning their further works could very well end up on multiple platforms. However, having a start from such great exclusive titles gives them an edge worthy of praise. With things moving on in the gaming sector, more and more exclusive titles are expanding towards multiple platforms. Things seem to move at quite a pace as of now.

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