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Ghost of Tsushima’s New Co-Op Legends Mode Drops On The PS4 This Fall

Ghost of Tsushima developed by Sucker Punch has made important strides in the modern-day RPG genre. With a unique outlook on Japanese history, Sucker Punch’s latest work was truly well received and undoubtedly set the tone for future Samurai games.

Today folks over at Sucker Punch announced a brand new Co-op mode for Ghost of Tsushima featuring an interesting multiplayer experience. Complimenting the beautiful world filled with unparalleled detail, this brand new update brings legends from Tsushima’s history irrespective of Jin’s story.

Players get a chance to form up groups of about 2-4 people taking on adventures from survival missions, infiltration, stealth and so much more. The legends themselves consist of various classes inspired by the history of Tsushima. Players get to choose between Samurai, Hunter, Ronin, or Assassin. All of them hold their own set of unique features and abilities set to reveal soon.

This new mode further spices things up by adding multiple supernatural elements to the gameplay. Bringing in some of the toughest enemies driven forward solely by magic setting a new bar for Ghost of Tsushima’s Already spectacular close quarter combat. The Legends mode update is expected to hit your PSN store this fall as a free add-on with a mandatory PS Plus subscription for users to avail multiplayer facilities.

More updates regarding the legends, their customization, abilities and more are sure to make their way soon as we come closer to the release of this huge update.

Ghost of Tsushima's New Co-Op Legends Mode Drops On The PS4 This Fall 2
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