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Gotham Knights: A much Awaited Batman Reboot Title Gets An Official Trailer

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Over the last few months, reports started to flood various social platforms discussing the likes of a brand new Batman game past the “Arkham Knight” that came out years ago. Leaking little to no details, the only lead brought to light was the fact that Warner Bros was actively working on a spinoff batman game separated from the sequence line built over the Arkham series.

Today marks the first-ever reveal of the upcoming “Gotham Knights” title developed by folks over at WB Montreal. The game takes place in a world past Batman’s death filled with the finest of criminals in all of the multiverse. It is now up to the Batman family to keep things under control and save Gotham from absolute chaos. The trailer showcases Tim Drake’s Robin alongside Batgirl, the veteran Nightwing and most importantly Red Hood.

Unarguably being one of the first games to ever introduce the Bat-family as protagonists in a world filled with detail and horror is in itself a dream come true. For enthusiasts to grab hold of Red Hood for the first time ever that too in what seems like an open-world setting. The visuals represented by the trailer look spectacular however what we hope to know is whether the game would showcase Gotham in broad daylight, unlike the previous game.

“Gotham Knights” is planned for a release next year with no particular month specified. Given the looks of the game, it seems that the game would target the next generation consoles taking full advantage of their heightened capabilities.


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