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Hitman 2 Joins PS Now’s August List Of Games

The PS Now platform for Sony has done wonders, especially on its PC port. Fans and enthusiasts have been able to enjoy their favourite exclusive titles and while others who just can’t afford beefy hardware enjoy streaming top-quality games.

Sony previously announced on how every year a list of new games would be added to the streaming service as part of an improvement program. This news struck the right spot especially given the conditions of social distancing due to the ongoing pandemic.

This time around, Hitman 2 has joined the August list of games. Having been one of the most popular games developed by Square Enix, Hitman 2 brings the classic Hitman experience with international contracts, unparalleled stealth missions and so much more. Pair all that with modern-day graphics and we’ve got a worthy contender for folks to pour their gaming hours in. Having said that, the game gets quite addictive with uncountable different ways to a single mission it never gets old.

Alongside Hitman 2, Greedfall and Dead Cells have also joined the service. These new additions are to last till February 1st 2021. It is interesting to see how Sony has kept its streaming service quite distant from its other base of operations. While Microsoft has gone all out with its Game Pass almost blurring the line between platforms, PlayStation, on the other hand, has kept PS Now quite conservative.

It’ll definitely be an interesting watch to see how both the services stack up as we move towards the next generation of consoles.

Hitman 2 Joins PS Now's August List Of Games 2
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