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Hitman 3 Pre-Orders Begin Today, Offering Free Upgrade To Next-Gen Consoles

Hitman 3, a direct sequel to the previous Hitman 2 game has a planned release just next year. Inevitably the release of the title takes place after the launch of the much-awaited next-generation consoles by Sony and Microsoft.

Fitting a very unique genre very much like all Hitman games, the title brings a unique take on your average stealth-oriented games. Allowing folks to control the iconic Agent 47, the game takes things to the next level with the absolute scale of possibilities in its digital world. Worldwide contracts filled with immense possibilities waiting to be taken and explored by players themselves, Hitman 3 looks aspiring and a decent addition to the trinity pack.

The game is set to launch on PS4, Xbox One and PC (Epic Games) with pre-orders starting today. The game’s pre-order page may go live with respect to your region. However, the keyword here being “free upgrade”, folks who purchase the game on current generation platforms are automatically eligible for a next-generation copy free of charge. Yes, this means that players get a chance to enjoy Hitman 3 on their PS4 and Xbox One and are eligible for a free copy if they were to redeem it on the upcoming PS5 and Xbox Series X.

Hitman 3 Pre-Orders Begin Today, Offering Free Upgrade To Next-Gen Consoles 4

Hitman 3 hits the shelves January 20th next year with pre-orders starting today. Pre-orders, as expected, come with a variety of in-game items like suits, briefcases and guns.

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