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New Xbox UI To Focus More Towards A Seamless Cloud Gaming Experience Across Multiple Platforms

The brand new Xbox Series X is set to reveal later this year and is undeniably on its way to set brand new standards to our modern-day gaming norms. One of the most important parts of the console segment has been the overall system performance, most notably the frontline UI. The visuals make up most of what the console represents and what it stands for. The existing Windows 10 UI despite having no major faults seems rather dated and it was about time Microsoft spiced things up.

Microsoft recently announced it’s brand new Xbox Experience tailored to perfection for the powerful new Xbox generation bringing in a simpler, more interactive experience for users allowing more engagement at the home screen. The new UI looks rather similar to what we’ve had for Xbox with minute changes brought in throughout the years. One of the key factors being Xbox’s ever so popular Gamepass, this new UI focusses heavily on bringing uniformity and ease of usage for folks trying to stream their favourite titles across multiple devices.

Moreover, the UI itself looks a lot more tamed and matured introducing clean-cut visuals throughout the home screen. These features are to naturally make their way towards Xbox apps across various platforms producing a sense of uniformity and providing ease of access regarding notifications, messages and more.

Being more timid, elegant and visually appealing, the new Xbox Experience is surely one of the highlights of the upcoming console. The updates are sure to begin rolling in the coming weeks with various tweaks being made to the insider beta.

Ibtehaj Temuri

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