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Street Fighter V & PUBG Join September List of PS Plus Games

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PS Plus has evolved quite well over the course of these past few years. Offering a couple of free games for folks to redeem and keep as long as they’ve got an active PS Plus subscription has had many completely locked in its ecosystem. Despite Microsoft’s strategy with the Game pass, PS Plus remains one of the topmost subscribed services in the gaming sector.

This month’s list of free titles include Street Fighter V and Player Unknown’s BattleGrounds. This time around, the list focusses more towards the multiplayer sector with Street Fighter V’s competitive arcade scene and PUBG’s e-sport presence both the titles provide endless hours of fun and competition for veterans. PUBG’s presence reduced by quite a margin over these past few months put it behind the likes of Apex Legend and Call of Duty Warzone yet the being the pioneer of the proper Battle Royale genre gives it a certain edge and garners the attention of those looking for a more orthodox experience.

Street Fighter V on the other hand like its predecessors has always appealed to a very distinct audience, oriented towards the arcade gaming scene. The game’s addition to the PS Plus service comes with official Street Fighter V tournaments hosted for the North American region. Allowing enthusiasts and prodigies to compete at the highest level and earn cash prizes and of course digital gifts.

This news further marks the ending dates for this month’s free games namely Fall Guys and Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 Remastered available till August 31st.


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