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Upcoming State of Play To Showcase PS4 & PS VR Titles – A Few PS5 Updates Scheduled As Well

Sony’s State of Play is set to return this Thursday, with a direct objective of showcasing upcoming PS4 and PS VR titles focussing on third party studios. It is true that the PS4 is coming to its end of the generation cycle and that the console has gone through many phases however things don’t seem to end here.

This episode set to debut August 6th, at 1:00 pm Pacific Time / 4:00 pm Eastern Time / 9:00 pm BST would target the more indie titles and a fresh breath of PS VR titles for enthusiasts. It seems that Sony is pushing its VR platform quite a bit considering how well they’ve been supporting it ever since its launch.

It seems that Sony plans on targetting more and more indie games for this generation with multiple games being shown before having spectacular artistic creative concepts. With new and more innovative games being made breaking all stereotypes it’ll be more than interesting to see what they showcase.

Regarding the PS5 however, it is more than confirmed that we won’t get to see or hear any major news, however, updates regarding third-party titles and indie games would be showcased in the event.

The episode lasting over 40 minutes is to bring in plenty of gameplay footage never before seen and the whole idea of this next episode is to broaden the viewpoint of PlayStation and to showcase how diverse Sony plans on going forward.

Ibtehaj Temuri

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