Black Friday & Cyber Monday Scams: Read Before You Buy!

Black Friday & Cyber Monday Scams: Read Before You Buy! Well, scammers are all around. Now, when the hype of Black Friday and Cyber Monday is at its peak, these vultures might be out to get you raw. However, these aren’t enough as most of us are already much alert and avoiding such places. But still, somehow, these scammers have a way to feel even the most intelligent among us. The news is every day and still making its space in the stories. 

Black Friday & Cyber Monday Scams: Read Before You Buy!

What Scams are Happening Around?

Around this holiday season, it is expected that the U.S. online market would hit the mark above 200 billion dollars. Now, what percent do you think would entirely come from Black Friday and Cyber Monday? It might exceed whatever you are thinking because it would be around somewhere twenty percent.

And now even in this era of cyber security and safe payments, the scams and frauds have risen, ironically. At least more than half a million users have reported scams and online frauds in this last month.

This could be something massively disturbing when you start to think about it. There are scams and frauds relating to packaging issues, false product showcases, counterfeit, fake retailers, and social media scams that are among the top. 

Black Friday & Cyber Monday Scams: Read Before You Buy!

How To Avoid Online Scams and Frauds?

There would be cases of personal finance-related frauds. And the only way to avoid these is to only spend whatever you have and do not let the shine of offers and deals blind you to an extent where you end up in debt.

That wouldn’t be a healthy way, and even if you want to do, always check the credibility of the lender party from a trusted individual. Do not let out your personal information anywhere unless the payment gateway/portal is accredited.

Always make sure you save the bills when any transaction is done from your end. If you want to minimize the risks of online shopping, which we know you do- you have to make sure that you never get much affected by the Instagram blue tick accounts. 

Black Friday & Cyber Monday Scams: Read Before You Buy!

Online sites like Amazon, Gamestop, Walmart, would always make sure to ensure your safety but even retailers are doing bad business. So, it’s a dupe step anyways. One can never be sure but just attentive.

We would just say that your needs and demands are sometimes just an influence of shiny deals, and no deal is such that the brand gets in the loss. So, in a way just be especially dubious about the deals which seem unworldly and more promising than they ever should. 


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