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Asus ROG Spatha X Gaming Mouse Review 2021

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When it first came out, its mouse jerked and ambled across a flat surface with the finesse of a less-optimized arcade shooting game. We now have mouses that can tackle any terrain as if it were coated in butter – even ones that move at far higher speeds.

However, even if you have an excellent gaming mouse that can keep up with even faster motions, you’ll still have to be careful about your tracking pace and precision. As a response, ASUS has launched the ROG Spatha X gaming mouse priced at $149.99, which is suited for both high-performance gamers and people who are better at maneuvering the office than interstellar space.

Design and Functionality

Despite the ROG Spatha X’s strange design, many users find it to be perfectly suited to their hands. Despite its diminutive size, its 12 configurable buttons and robust design make it easy to operate even for extended periods. With a 19,000-DPI optical sensor, the ROG Spatha X gaming mouse is capable of working on a broad array of surfaces, while the lesser setting is optimal for most surfaces.

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Custom macros and button mappings, as well as LED illumination hues that may be customized to your liking, are also available on this gaming mouse.

Asus confirms that the “placement of each button has been carefully considered so they’re within reach, and all have been designed to provide a tactile click feel for intuitive, responsive control.”

A USB C port is located on the left side of the mouse, enabling you to connect the item to any peripheral you desire. On the other side, there are two thumb keys and a DPI control that may be set to either a single or double-click, depending on the user’s preference. The weights on the shaft of this gaming mouse can be adapted to meet any user’s liking as well.

Performance and Value

With its extreme form and concave design, the ROG Spath X is another one of those products that you don’t acknowledge at first glance.

Other than pressing buttons, this mouse can help you stay productive when you’re on the go, but you’ll have to decide how often you’d like to use it. While the one-button Bluetooth connection can be a little puzzling at first, it’s simple to change configurations or profiles whenever you need.

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The ASUS ROG Spatha X does not have a wire storage compartment, but it doesn’t require a receiver storage compartment because the charging dock is the receiver itself. However, it arrives with a travel bag that has room for the mouse, the two cords, as well as the receiver dock with its metal foot. This travel case has dimensions of 154mm in length by 81.6mm in height and 96.7mm in diameter.

GeeksULTD Verdict

For ultra-light gaming, the ASUS ROG Spatha X just doesn’t have enough power. It’s over 4 fold heavier than some of the heaviest ultra-lightweight mice we’ve ever tested.

  • Appears to be well-made.
  • The click latency is low.
  • Very Weighty
  • Its large, bulky shape makes it tough to reposition swiftly.

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