Forspoken Release Date, Gameplay, Trailer And Everything We Know So Far

Project Asia was among the first significant titles revealed for the PlayStation 5 when it was introduced in mid-2020, and it was one of the most fascinating as well. Forspoken, the game’s official name, was revealed by publisher Square Enix a long time ago, and we’ve learned a lot more about it since then.

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Here’s everything you need to know about Forspoken.

Forspoken Release Date and Trailer

Project Athia was initially seen in mid-2020, although Square Enix revealed further in March 2021 during a Livestream and stated that the title is called Forspoken.

That much lengthier trailer is included above, and it closes with confirmation that the game will be released in 2022, which isn’t a surprise considering how little we’ve seen thus far. Even though that’s an extremely broad array of dates, we’re hoping to learn more about it over time and potentially get an exact delivery date at some time in the future.

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Forspoken platforms

There has been no revision to the notion that Forspoken will be a PlayStation 5 exclusive, which is excellent news for anyone who has got his hands on one. The game is supposedly being produced specifically for the PlayStation 5.

There is now no chance of an Xbox version of the game being released, and it also indicates that there will not be a PS4 version of the game released. In the end, it’s a next-generation game.

As a bonus, the game will also be available on the PC, which will be welcomed by many gamers with high-end PCs. For a variety of reasons, a Switch version is nearly impossible.

Forspoken story

Ella Balinska portrays Frey Holland, the protagonist of Forspoken. During the trailer’s unveiling, Balinska describes herself as “a young woman in an enchanting and dangerous world.” Frey speaking about her character Balinska says she “instantly bonded” with, and she’s doing both motion capture and voiceover work for Forspoken.

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Athia’s terrifying fantasy realm is made all the more terrifying by the reality that Frey, a “gritty yet street bright young woman,” is unexpectedly transferred there from New York City. Fortunately, her arrival on this planet coincides with the revelation of magical skills that she will need to confront the “twisted all-powerful matriarchs” described as the Tantas, who rule Athia. It sounds like she’ll have to take care of them eventually.

Forspoken Gameplay

A new squad established from the developers of the recently-released Final Fantasy XV is developing Forspoken, and the gameplay samples we’ve seen thus far clearly show the impact of that game.

Frey’s Athia appears to be a vast open-world, with several biomes featured in the trailer, including rocky outcrops, sandy deserts, and forested sections. We think that the system will be open-world.

In a couple of scenes, Frey appears to be flying across the landscape, aided by magic, while fighting appears to be similarly kinetic and magic-fueled. Whether this fighting is more action-oriented or more in the style of a Final Fantasy saga remains to be seen, but for the time being, it appears to be somewhat frantic.

Forspoken story trailer provides a more in-depth look at the spring 2022 title | VG247

We guess that the game’s gameplay will reveal itself to us in a longer form shortly – so keep an eye on this page for updates if and when that happens!


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