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H&M’s Technology Chief Wants Clothes To Compete With Wearables

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Pradyumna Srivastava
Pradyumna Srivastava
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H&M’s Technology Chief Wants Clothes To Compete With Wearables At a time when we are having just enough choices to confuse our decisions for the smartwatches, here comes this news that H&M’s technology chief wants clothes to compete with wearables. Indeed, it’s a mind-blowing piece, if anything, but to have to not just change but charge our clothes? Seems like one more task to accomplish daily. Where are those who were claiming cyborgs are the thing of the next century? The time is now. 

Product demand and supply chain is suffering worldwide and no giant corporation is left untouched. Be it PS5 or Steam, supply chain and value-demand are disrupted. Although this doesn’t seem to disappoint H&M’s CTO, as he wants their production to develop clothing that could monitor the wearer’s heartbeat and location. Mostly the plan is to incorporate technology within the clothing industry.

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H&M’s has always been so modern in its approach to the product line. Simple, elegant, colorful, and moderately priced products always stay in the user’s choice. Now, the technological upsurge with Facebook renaming itself and getting levels above their current state of AI has provoked all major corporations.

Also, to stay in news and anyways get along with circulating trends and user psychology such statements have always been the lifeline of 21st Century business. However, suddenly in 2021, it looks like these statements carry some weight as no one would want to disappoint the already frustrated consumer line. 

What to Expect From H&M’s Modern Wear?

As companies are struggling to get into goodwill by reducing their carbon footprint. Alone H&M’s industrial pollution is enough to cause enough greenhouse production as about a small country itself. Incorporating AI into the production line would help to reduce these levels by leaps and bounds.

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These experiments have always been carried out and when they talk about the denim jacket that could mimic a hug was put into concept not many were ready to accept such a thing in their drawers for reason unknown. However, the technology is not far away and now everything is up to design. Once this gets on, we can only imagine what the competing companies plan for us to stay aloof. 

H&M’s technology chief wants clothes to compete with wearables and it is time now that at least one of the brands should get technically bold enough to launch it in real. This time the expectations are real because the technology is existing, just have to wait for it to get synced to 5G support. However, if you have any questions in mind, feel free to reach out. 


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