Instagram Subscription Feature for Creators: All Updates

What is this news about the new Instagram Subscription Feature? As a teen, I always had this immense drive to connect to some of my favorite people on Instagram? And, mostly, those were just the meme pages and ‘Alexander 23’ so far. But I never got a reply. Yes, it is sad, and I felt like a dumb-faced fan, about which the celebrity doesn’t even care. However, it was understood that, like me, there are thousands or maybe millions of people trying to connect, and it’s not likely for them to even get to see all or any of the messages they received. Therefore, disappointed much, I eventually ceased texting to the creators, knowing it was unworthy of my time. 

So, why am I even telling this story, you might be wondering! There’s a reason, and it’s good. Do you know that Instagram is working on a ‘subscription’ feature? Well, I hope you do not but here’s all that you need to know. 

New Subscription Feature of Instagram: All Updates

The need to connect to our favorite creators seems to be having paid attention now. Now, it would be possible for us to communicate to our celebrities and/or creators on Instagram. This model of subscription feature is not something new in the world, but it is to Instagram. Even on youtube, we have this ‘Join’ feature at a nominal fee, which allows us some extra perks than the regular audience. Likewise, Instagram is rolling out this feature from November to subscribe to your creators at a minimal fee of $5 (the price is subject to change) and can cancel anytime they like. 

What’s Special in Instagram’s New Subscribe Feature? 

There are many advantages to subscribing to your favorite Instagram celebrity and/or creator: 

  1. You get a badge that differentiates you from the regular audience.
  2. Your messages, comments get priority visibility to the creator.
  3. You can expect a reply, response to your engagement with the creator.
  4. You get early access to much of the content they create or put live. 
  5. You get exclusive access to much of their story, reels, posts, or IGTV, which may or may not be posted or available to a general audience. 
  6. No commitment; cancel anytime you feel it’s not up to your expectations. 
  7. Likely to avail discounts, especially on the merchandise or tickets to the shows if any. 
  8. Opportunity to connect or meet in real life (possibly)

How will Instagram Subscription Feature work?

If you are a creator, this is a piece of happening news, as you would be amongst the first to receive the opportunity to inaugurate when this feature officially comes into the app. Though Instagram is spotted testing this feature with a very small group of testers in the U.S and a certain price model relating to the special badges and subscription was seen, as told by the Sensor Tower. These prices ranged from $0.99 to $4.99, existing on the in-app purchase. 


It would create a symphony among the creators and the fans, and the attachment would be more serene than ever. Not to mention, the opportunity for the creators to bring in even more money from Instagram would be embraced by leaps and bounds. 

When will Instagram Subscription Feature Launch?

We do not seem to have any official news relating to the launch date of the subscription feature on Instagram yet. Although it’s vaguely known within the community, the feature is likely to roll out around the end of November.  As soon as we get our hands on the news, we will take no time to let you know. 


Instagram Subscription Feature for Creators, how do you think is going to work out? Do you feel positive about it? Everything was becoming a market already but now what effect this might bring in is hard to say. Got some views you want to share? Comment your opinion in the box below. 


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