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iOS 16 Rumors: Busting the False Rumors On the Internet

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Pradyumna Srivastava
Pradyumna Srivastava
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With the advent of the iOS 15 update, iPhone users have already witnessed many changes. With all these significant changes in the operating system’s performance, it is unlikely for Apple to renovate all of the iOS 15 experience just in the next update, which is aptly rumored to be the iOS 16. Now, there is no doubt that there would be an iOS 16. We say why not? It’s not the end of the world. And it’s instead not so witty to cease the OS experience just on their 15th major update if that makes sense. So, what are the rumors relating to the iOS 16?

iOS 16 rumors

Now, what’s the talk in the community? The leaks and the rumors suggest that with iOS 16, your browsing experience with the safari is going to change. However, it is not specified to the point as to what changes we should be expecting. Since there has been no news on the same via the brand itself, it isn’t very reasonable to believe any such remark. However, some approximations could be assumed on the measure that what else could Apple bring in. Now we have all seen safari become better in the iOS 15 update already. Notes experience has changed. It looks better now. Facetime improvements are very considerable. Performance-wise iOS has been terrible greatness since time is known. It is understandable that a few devices were showing charging issues with the MagSafe. So, that is one small point to note, which could be duly taken care of in the next update. Mostly, all of the models in and after mid-2022 are rumored to support the iOS 16. However, we do not promise any of it and label it as a rumor itself because the sources from which such pleasing quotations arise are not our trusted ones. 

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iOS 16 rumors

iOS 16 Launch Date

There is no news on this yet. Although if we talk about it, some hints lead us to believe the April of 2022 would bring in the official news. It is yet too early to be even concerned about it. iOS 15 is standing at the door, and it should be welcomed with open hands. iOS 16 is something that is not going to show its face for at least half a year. And as soon as it does, remember to jump back as we update our news solid and fast. 

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iOS 16 Expectations: Metaverse iOS

So when already there are so many fools around giving out invalid news. Why not bring our minds to the submerging possibilities of realities. Or, to say, virtual realities. Facebook recently announced its name – Meta, and its intentions for the upcoming technology considerations. Why do you believe apple would still sit back and do nothing of similar intensity. Everything would be AR/VR, wouldn’t it? If you are to expect, expect the advanced controls of the notification center, expect better 3D icons, expect mind-blowing screen animations, expect sub-immersive facetime innovations and expect AR camera improvements, if anything. Also, we do not want to kindle any sparkle, but just to say, iOS 16 could be a thing leading to Apple Glasses? Do you feel that too, or not? 


iOS 16 is a piece of far news, and all we have right now are some iOS 16 rumors. It is up to you to believe what you can see or learn. And this was our take on settling the uplifting hurricane relating to iOS 16 rumors. Do you have something on mind? Use the comment section below. 


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