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iPhone 13 Series: The Hidden Trap That Everyone Ignored

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Pradyumna Srivastava
Pradyumna Srivastava
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It was, anyways, an exaggeration to imagine that- less is more. It turns out, with apple, the more, the less. We are expending, if nothing, but at least a thousand bucks to get hands-on with the new iPhone 13. Do you realize that just in case there comes up a need to get the screen replaced, it has become more expensive than ever? And not just that, there are more hassles accounting in just to add to the pain. So, let’s talk about the iPhone 13 series: The Hidden Trap that Everyone Ignored. 


What’s Wrong With iPhone 13 Series? 

It’s unlikely to demise the new A15 Bionic chip upgrade in these new iPhone 13 series models. The features, design, camera, screen, security, and everything at ends and extremes have seen some appreciable upgrades. And counting all this, it’s not wise to complain about the upgrade in the prices, anyways. And nobody will. Nobody will be crying about the prices, and most are all happy with what they got for their bucks. However, even less know about the hidden trap with the iPhone 13 series. If you have one, then this is for you to know. 

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Screen Replacement in iPhone 13: Expensive and Far? 

iFixit reveals in a similar article that the new iPhone 13 series would be tougher than ever in terms of repair and replacement. It states that this is an unnecessary advancement in the new iPhone 13 series, technically. As discovered, the engineers at the iFixit do not validate the connection of Face ID with the screen and the involvement of Apple Services Toolkit 2 while doing the replacement of the screen. To discuss this in detail, let’s move on to the paragraph below. 

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iphone 13 series: the hidden trap that everyone ignored

iPhone 13 series phones come with a chip almost the size of a mint at the bottom of the screen. It’s hard to imagine that something size of an ant could impact a big repair industry so clean of its market. The issue is that the iPhone 13 series comes with a screen paired with a microcontroller at the bottom of the screen. It shouldn’t matter unless it does, and it does a lot. Earlier, the repair shops knew what to do to make your screen tip-top again, no matter how worse the condition was. This wasn’t even defecting Apple anyways because the screens the phone used to get replaced with were the original ones only. 

But now, it is not possible for them to replace your iPhone 13 screen without damaging one or another of its functionality. It is complex than before because you cannot repair it yourself or replace it. iPhone 13 series could not get a replacement other than from the official stores or those who have joined Apple’s onerous IRP Network. The stores could only replace the screen, but for the phone to work, users need to get through the Face ID, which would not work unless it is paired with the replaced screen. 

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iPhone 13 Series: The Hidden Trap That Everyone Ignored

So what’s the problem? If you haven’t understood yet, the microcontroller attached to the screen could only be tweaked from within the company itself via Apple Services Toolkit 2. Now, this proprietary service from apple is not expensive alone, but it is also resolute as it requires consent and certification from the brand itself. 

Imagine taking your broken screen iPhone to an official store 17 miles away uptown and getting the order to wait for a few days at minimum just to get a chip paired to the screen, which was earlier hardly a day’s job. Never mind the charges ahead of the Apple Care you should have to bear, just in case. 


We hope Apple resolves this as a decision that needs improvement, beneficial to the time and respect of their customer’s money. We are excited to write something in progress to this iPhone 13 series: the hidden trap that everyone ignored. 


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