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KEF LS50 Wireless II with Amazon Music HD

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Pradyumna Srivastava
Pradyumna Srivastava
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KEF is a top-notch brand when it comes to quality sound. Its age-old trust and quality product renditions have gained quite a buzz when recently it announces the support of HD and Ultra HD music from Amazon Music. Amazon Music as a service is the number one choice and in competition to Spotify but where Spotify couldn’t provide you, Alexa, Amazon Music beats it in terms of technicality.High-Resolution Audio on Amazon Music comes to KEF LS50 Wireless II

KEF’s proprietary Metamaterial Absorption Technology (MATTM) keeps it on a pedestal already when now we will have the benefit of high-fidelity sound supports on top of this. KEF’s UNI-Q technology is also a factor enhancing the 12th generation sound driver’s capability to produce surreal timber. 

High-Resolution Audio on Amazon Music comes to KEF LS50 Wireless II

It is also announced that with the W2 platform, KEF LS50 Wireless II is capable of supporting high-definition music from other services as well. Why does this news specifically focus on Amazon Music’s Ultra HD support though? The answer is simple. With more than 75 million songs available online, Amazon Music provides you the option to stream CD-quality music.

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High-Resolution Audio on Amazon Music comes to KEF LS50 Wireless IICD Quality music renders an amazing High-Definition sound with a depth of 16-bits and 44 kHz, wherever that realizes about High Definition, there is still more. There is the quality better than the CD Quality, wouldn’t you think so? Yes, the quality better than CD Quality is levels above providing a depth of 24-bits, and the sample rate increases to 192 kHz.

However, the difference is only audible to those who have at least once enjoyed the thing. Imagine an Expensive Pizza in some Brooklyn-based 5-star restaurant. Did so? It’s nothing personal but if you are to try the same pizza made in a household in Italy, you would never be going back to Brooklyn for that 5-star pizza. (just saying). The only difference is that this Ultra HD content is rare and even inaccessible in a few countries.

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High-Resolution Audio on Amazon Music comes to KEF LS50 Wireless II

With this news surfacing the web- High-Resolution Audio on Amazon Music comes to KEF LS50 Wireless II, people have been trying to get behind the whole thing. This was our take on what things you need to know about it. If you still feel like you have any questions, or information to share, please feel free to get connected in the comment section below. 


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